Thursday, November 16, 2017

Towards the End of year 2017

Just chanced on my own blog by cleaning up my Gmail. Read through some of my previous posts, rants etc... At 32 now, regret at some of the things that I did and at those that I didn't. Wish I can turn back time and tell that younger me on what to do and shouldn't do... But for now, life continues to go on regardless of you liking it or not... - End of rant-

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alice In Wonderland fever!

Tim Burton's upcoming movie, Alice In Wonderland, has created a makeup craze & suddenly there are many Alice In Wonderland inspired makeups.
Not a big fan of the movie but these packagings are pretty overload.


Urban Decay

Paul & Joe

Cute packagings eh?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Date @ Flamenco Plaza Damansara

Since Valentine's Day fell on the same day as 1st day of Chinese New Year, we celebrated ours on the 17th Feb! Not to say really celebrate la, just going to some posh place having good food, but of course, the one who accompanies you is all that matters :)

That day we had the whole restaurant to ourselves & the owner herself serving us!
All her staff is on hols.

Really nice ambience & the food is goooood!

The 'I'm bored' look

My partner in crime aka the bf

Notice the wine cellar room on the left?
Wish I have one in my house, although I don't drink any wines... it looks posh-y & sophisticated :D

Wild mushroom soup with pine nuts

Naked escargots with baguette

Scallop linguine with home cured salmon

Mixed greens salad with avacado, orange, olive & home cured salmon
(I've eaten half of it b4 I can remember to take pix >.< )

Veneziano tiramisu

Chocolate brownie oozing with chocolate goodness in the center

Fruity sangria

No 22 & 22M, Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
603 - 2093032

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cupcakes for V-day!

Im usually not that cheesy, hardworking & I have never baked cupcakes before in my life!
But oh well, decided to do something special since it's our 1st Valentine together.
It's super easy, you can take short cuts like me, like getting a prepared cake mix & voila! guarantee edible hehe.

Prepare everything the box tells you to & do accordingly. Won't go wrong if you follow the instruction. (the cream chesse suppose to be for the frosting...opsss)

End result for the cake mix. Looks soooo chocolatey... me love!

Prepare the frosting. Ok the box doesn't teach you on how to do the frosting, so here's the recipe
1 block of cream cheese
1 1/2 cups icing sugar (I used 2 cups, turned out too sweet, make it lesser if you're health concious)
2/3 from a block of butter
2 tsp of vanilla extract
1 drop of red food coloring (for my pink coloured cupcakes)

1. Blend butter & cream cheese with mixer.
2. Slowly add in icing sugar.
3. Add in vanilla extract & food colouring if preffered.

End result should be like this. Smooth & creamy. You can just dip the top of your cupcake & twirl it. You can also pipe the frosting to create nice decor

Garnishing my cupcakes with strawberries, white choco chips & silver sugar balls

Final result!! Ta da!! Guess the message, haha!

The extras for the family & my neighbour. I told them it's me wishing them Happy Valentine with these but they knew these are the extras & I need people to finish it up, but hey! it tasted good ok ^.^

Go & try!

Daiso haul!

If you have been following me on Twitter, you should that I'm madly obsessed with Daiso.
I felt happy just being there, looking at stuff over & over.
The ordeal would lasted AT LEAST one hour.
Probably because its a Japanese store (me love!), everything RM5 & alot kawaii, useful stuff.
If I mention to my boyfriend that I wanted to go to Daiso (he's my driver ^.^), my boyfriend will always give me that 'what?? again?? what you wanna buy wor??' look.
Frankly, I usually doesn't have a thing in mind on what I wanna get in Daiso but I always end up with something :P
Here's my latest haul!

Cushions & lavender sachet (for my car), flower puncher (to do my artsy-fartsy stuff), black eyelash glue (beauty stuff - for my false lashes, although I rarely use them, but hey! it's only RM5! Use black ones so it doesn't show), pie baking pan (I'm infected with a baking bug), pet toy (Micki's)

I'm itching to go again already!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 2010

Most people like to make a list of resolutions every year, but whether u manage to fulfill it or not, is another thing :P There's always the same ones repeating every year , the ridiculous ones, the impossibles & the simple ones but it's fun putting up a list anyway.
I know I am abit late but nonetheless, here it is!

1. Pick up a new skill
I wanna learn photography! When I'm 60ish I wanna be able to look at those old photographs & say 'those were those days' =) (but the bf bet RM200 that I will only last for 3 months for this... such bf!)

Digital Scrapbooking is another fun way to document those memories with photos, memorabilia & stories. Since scrapbooking needs alot of materials & craft ideas, I do it the modern way with digital scrapbooking using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, my forte :D

2. Eating healthily, make my own lunch
This is hard, you have to do the planning, groceries shopping & preparing it. But when I think of the canteen food > full of fried stuff, spicy oily sauces, yucky veges, only white rice... I think I will balloon into one of the 'before body size' of The Biggest Loser contestant in 3 months time.

3. Lose Weight
I believe this is on most women's list no matter how small or big you are. Hope to drop 2 or 3 dress size at least... hmph

4. Walk more
Shopping walks count? Yes, but then you down on those fast food or desserts on your shopping trips equals to 0. Oh well, I guess I will only carry Micki & walk around the block but time is always the factor preventing me to do so (=___=;;)

5. Blog more
Neglected this blog quite abit. Used to have a few entries per month, but nowadays it seems like it's only 1 entry for a month (=___=;;) I have loads of topics to blog about > restaurants I've visited, places I've been to & loads of product reviews. Again, time is always the factor + Astro + FB + TVB dramas >.<

6. Finish reading the whole Bible
I admit, I never finish the whole Bible before. Every starting of the year I will be so gungho to finish it but later then, slack after only a few weeks. My determination span is very weak de (=___=;;)

7. Saving up
As the old saying goes 'save for the rainy days' which is very true.
Bai bai shopping on impulse, bai bai shopping therapy, bai bai window shopping (T_T) wait!! window shopping is ok mahh right??

8. Learn Mandarin
I can't even write my own name in chinese to save my ass swt (=___=;;) I did try. I bought that box box exercise book for maths so I could practise but I got lazy. Such determination (=___=;;)

I am a Chinese! I should know how to read or at least hold a proper conversation in mandarin. (Im fluent in Canto thank God).

My sis has loads of awesome chinese manga & I can't read it at all T_T Flipping through it depresses me. Oh, my fav ViVi mag is in chinese too *depressed*
I did asked my parents 'ARRgghh! Why didn't send me to chinese skool?? Now I can't read these awesome manga!!' Their reply 'No nearby chinese skool lah tat time'. :(

Some people wud PROUDLY say " oh I am a banana, I ONLY speak english ok" *high nose* but puhleez la, its NOT cool!! oh well.. I need a teacher!!

9. Living Healthier
Sleep early, more veges, less sugary & fatty stuff, exercise, not stressing myself out, take it easy etc. you know the drill :)

That's all I can think of now, add more later XD

Fav Dress from SAG Awards

Into dresses & gowns lately. Feast your eyes on these lovely gowns from the recent SAG award~ otherwise, the ladies at least hehe.

Kate Hudson
Backless, long sleeve Emillio Pucci gown
OMG! Totally *heart* this, damn hawt... my friend had her cheongsam for wedding modified with a bold back baring which is very unique & sexy yet traditional, really fell in love with it, not sure whether she let me post her pix here, let me ask 1st :) man I really have to gam fei :(( (which I've said like a million times)

Mariah Carey
Bold crimson one shoulder off gown
I would never dare to pull off a red gown, too loud for my taste... but MC totally rocks this one

Christina Applegate
Icy blue Roberto Cavalli gown
This one is so feminine & elegant but the color's abit dull eh?

Marion Contillard
Short one-shoulder Elie Saab dress
This dress is sexy! The beige color really matches her skintone & those sexy pins... wow!

That all for the SAG Awards fashion report ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ranting - 1 of my fav pastime

I know I should be thankful that I am alive, having an awesome family, cute pooches, a job that pays my bills & a seriously wonderful bf.

But seizure has been plaguing me since last year & I cant help but being depressed bout it. As humans always does, you always want to blame, asking the whys & etc right? On Nov adding dosage to my current medication were even more depressing. But after adding the dosage, there's improvement & not a single seizure coming on & I thought I was making good progress. Coming off the medication doesn't seem so far a distant, until i had one yesterday, a petit mal seizure. Totally crushed my self entertained glimpsed of hope resulting on a sleepless night.

Anyhoo, (spelt like that on purpose coz it tones down my seriousness) thinking back of the Haiti tragedy, I can't imagine how it felt for the survivors out there, injured, dehydrated, lost & helpless . I should be thankful for every moment that I am alive & still enjoying life.

But then, I've been saying that for every job I've been into ( so far i've changed 4 full time & been into 1 part time)
I wonder if there is any other job that would ever make me happy & entertained.
Many people stuck in lousy jobs just to pay bills. (I am no different)
Stuck in that same notion everyday. Don't know what they live for.
There's a huge difference between living life and simply existing.
I seriously don't want to spend the rest of my life by simply existing.
I want to live a living life.
Confusing? I thought so.
Not trying to be all Oprah here...

I'm drafting this from office... heh
Ranting done.

Doubutsu Uranai

Something fun, to me at least :p

You are Black Monkey, who has a pretty and a cheerful smile. [I like to think so]
People depend on you for your kindness and the way you take care of them. [Is it?]
You don't possess feminine emotional attraction, but you can make decisions calmly and efficiently. [I don't possess feminine emotional attraction??wth.. I have to confirm this with the bf. As for the decision making, I'm very fickle minded]
You can go on living with patience. [I guess... as long as no one pisses me off]
You don't have strong identity, you are straightforward person, and lead consistent life. [Not sure...]
You will lead a happy and lively life if you put yourself as number two and work under someone. [I like to follow rather than lead & vivian means lively... will I lead a happy & lively life?]
You are not very good at reading other people's mind, but you can have a relationship without making others incurring displeasure. [True case...]
You tend to be rather nervous, and if you don't try to relax, you will get mentally tired. [True case...]
Although you are weak on instinct, you can carry out things rationally. [I guess?]
And in real life, you don't get interested in hobbies and culture, but you seek for materialistic things. [Not true]
Your objective in life is to lead a life for both personal interest and practical benefit. [Partially?]
You don't like to loose, and because you put in great effort, you will not give up halfway and can be full of sprit. [Not sure bout this but I have short attention span]
But you can lack foresight and are not good at deep speculation. [Maybe? ]
You may be taken advantage of yourself. [I love myself too much... heh]
Your cheerful and generous character is popular among men. [I am pretty popular among women too... ahem]

Now the bf one... coz' I'm naughty hehe....

You are Silver Fawn, who don't show emotions openly. [I think he wears it on his sleeve, which is very good haha]
People think you are easy to get on, because of your gentle and modest character. [True case, I always bully him... hehe]
However, you are really an extremely proud person, and will not compromise easily. [I think so]
You live truthfully to your beliefs. [True case]
You will not easily withdraw your opinion. [True case, backed up by proven facts bcoz he's an encyclopedia & smart like that :p ]
Sometimes you get pestered like young children. [Don't think so]
You dream of leading life as a maverick. [Not sure]
But in reality, you respect duty and obligation, and are kind person. [True case]
On the other hand, you tend to observe your circumstances with an observant eye. [True case]
You show great identity, and are very clear on what you like and dislike. [True case]
Once you dislike something, you will not come to like it again. [True case]
You are also indifferent to things. [Not sure... I'm such a lousy gf]
You do not care much about getting promotions, your relationship with someone you are going out with, and so on. [Not true... he cares, alot]
If you take interest in arts and literature, your talent may open up, and a turning point of your life will arrive. [Oh really?]
You are loyal to something that you consider a life-work. [Think so...]
You should be the head of your own business. [Already is]

Search up yours at

Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Fact 005

Yes, there's etiquette on how to eat sushi & what you can, must or never do while eating Japanese foodie.
The fine art of dining, Japs style.

ps: My bf does that 'dump wasabi into your soy sauce, turning it into soup' thingy everytime! Personally, I find that real unappetizing... sorry hun, truth hurts. Take it like a real man k. Bwahaha!